Zoom, the system-wide profiler for Linux and Mac OS X, increases programmer productivity and saves money, time and energy. Use Zoom to profile your software and to optimize your code and system performance today. Zoom’s callstack samples and trace data show you where time is being spent with very little overhead and no need to modify source code.

Zoom 3.3.2 - September 21,  2014

  •  Removed licensing restrictions
    • Zoom is transitioning into a free software product and is no longer available for sale
    • All existing customers will continue to receive support for the duration of their support period
    • Thanks to everyone for making Zoom great!
16 Oct 2014, tagged: #Cpp
C++11: Execute on scope exit

16 Oct 2014, tagged: #People

Experience-driven Open (XO), the missing quadrant of technology

15 Oct 2014, tagged: #Linux
PStreams - POSIX Process Control in C++
List of ASAN_OPTIONS environment variables