22 Jul 2014, tagged: #App
Intel Developer Zone: Non-Commercial Software Development
21 Jul 2014, tagged: #Unwise
"No one ever said that the goal was full integration of these populations. So now you have politicians talking about that, saying how horrible those back doors are. I think it’s unfair to expect very high-income homeowners who paid a fortune to live in their building to have to be in the same boat as low-income renters, who are very fortunate to live in a new building in a great neighborhood."

David Von Spreckelsen, senior vice president at Toll Brothers

"Even though the off-site housing portion of this building is attached physically to the rest of the building, the developer’s argument is that it is separate ‘off-site’ since it does not relate to the rest of the building, and therefore falls under the portion of the Zoning Resolution that requires a separate entrance"

Mark Diller, Chair Emeritus of Community Board 7

20 Jul 2014, tagged: #People

Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms

Google™ Translator by Andy Portmen
02 Jul 2014, tagged: #Linux
How to add a shell script to launcher as shortcut